Nature as Explained by Theatre

50 minutes
3 male, 3 female (cast variable size)
PLAY OF THE MONTH, OCTOBER 2007 for the Australian Script Centre
What happens to the male praying mantis in his post coital doom? How does the dung-house caterpillar live with its awful stench? And how does the Screaming Budgett's Frog feel about looking like a turd left at the side of a waterhole?
Some animals lend themselves perfectly to extreme comic personas. In Nature as Explained by Theatre, these natural wonders are revealed for the first ever time on stage. See interpretive scenes on Emperor Penguins, the naked Mole Rat and the Illuminated Net Devil. (Also includes a Blue Whale penis.)

"Although the script is full of well-researched facts ... in the background we find the animals themselves discussing their true lives - especially their sex lives - and filling in the information that the biologists have not yet discovered ... a comedy that makes us have a good belly laugh."-Theatre Australia