I (honestly) Love You

Observational Comedy
60 Minutes
2 male, 2 female
Nominated for Best Play in the 2012 Equity Guild Awards. Nominated for four awards in The Blue Room Theatre Awards including Judge's Choice and Member's Choice.

Two people who can only tell the truth at all times meet and fall in love. Can the deepest of all human emotions survive such brutal honesty?

Lloyd Rees and Belle Ashton are the two reluctant protagonists who are burdened with the truth-telling disease vitiositas veritas. Like most relationships, everything seems to be going… sort of well at the start. A hesitant first date, a disappointing initial sexual encounter and an unfortunate meeting with Belle's parents are some of the usual trials the couple must necessarily endure but, unlike everyone else throughout the history of seduction, they have to face all of these with a big fat hit of the honesty stick.

Somehow the two lovers navigate these intimate difficulties enough to look each other in the eyes and say 'I love you'… which, unbeknown to either of them, precipitates the next stage of the vitiositas veritas disease. Having honestly said THOSE THREE WORDS to another and to have it honestly reciprocated means they can now lie to each other, and only to each other, but if they do choose the false path, every time they lie to each other it takes a week off their life…

So the choice becomes fatalistically or beautifully simple – vicious truth and life, or honest lies and death.

Contrasted to this complicated situation is a burgeoning relationship between Lloyd and Belle's best friends, Andrew and Alicia. Much to the chagrin of the two central characters, their friends have met and begun a courtship, packed with all the deceits your everyday couple need to forge in attempting to stay together.

I (Honestly) Love You pits the age-old enemies of union and transparency against each other in an exciting, touching and hilarious piece of theatre. It is a heart-felt experience for all of those who have ever been in love, and for all those who have ever wanted to be.

When actors have so much life that their presence fills such a small, intimate performing space and the audience is in stitches from the very first line, there isn't a sliver of doubt that you're going to enjoy the show. This is precisely what Damon Lockwood (as producer/director/writer/actor) achieved with his powerfully funny 'I (Honestly) Love You'. Nestled somewhere between the energetic characters and the scathing wit is a playful comment on the most deeply ingrained emotion of the human psyche: love. 'One of the first things on my mind when I walked out of the venue was that I wanted to watch it again. And that summarises the experience perfectly: Damon Lockwood's I (Honestly) Love You is so infectious that it's worth repeat-viewing." - Courtney J Pascoe, aussietheatre, 20 May 2012

Lockwood and the fabulous Talei Howell-Price take on a number of different characters throughout the show…the pair are extremely versatile and strong in every role they take on…the star of I (Honestly) Love You is undoubtedly Eaton; the passion and comedic value that he brings to the stage is unmatchable… Despite all the excellently sardonic scenes and self-deprecation, Lockwood has managed to mix a few important messages in. I (Honestly) Love You is a delight to watch; chock-full of dark comedy, exceptional performances, and just enough modern commentary to make you think." -Chloe Papas, Artshub, 21 May 2012

The four actors in the show Jimmy James Eaton, George Gayler, Talei Howell-Price and Lockwood work seamlessly together in comedic harmony. Lockwood has over ten years experience writing shows. HorseHead was nominated for a 2008 Equity Guild Award for Best New Play and Blue Room Theatre Member's Choice. Saturday Night was shortlisted for a 2006 Short and Sweet Sydney award. I (Honestly) Love You is well worth a look and a night of laughter is certainly good for the soul. If you look a little deeper, it might also make you question all those little white lies you tell your spouse and make you wonder if perhaps, honesty is the best policy after all." - Hayley Mayne, Australian Stage, 19 May 2012

"The humour is fast paced, zany and definitely adult, but it was so good to hear an audience laugh practically non-stop for an hour. Comedy at its very best..." – Gordon, Theatre Australia, 17 May 2012

Damon Lockwood has an uncanny ability to break down traditional theatrical conventions and build them up with comic conventions that wrok with refreshing ease. The writer and producer also takes to the stage and brings together an ensemble equally capable of his sharp, seemingly effortless comic timing." – Sarah McNeil, The Post, 24 May 2012