12 Jul 2016

Dear rural and regional South Australia,
Until very recently my whole experience with you was blowing up two cars on the Eyre Peninsula and consequently spending a couple of nights sleeping beneath the protective chicken wire beak of the Big Galah in Kimba.
How my eyes have been opened by Lockwood Productions South Australian regional tour of HorseHead, supported by Country Arts SA! Beautiful countryside, warm and welcoming people, eclectic venues and banging shows – man it was a blast!
Ceduna was first and the show was a belter. The effort some of the locals put into their own costumes for the evening was magnificent, and they were such a wise and engaging audience (especially a great woman called Bobbi, who engaged with me by sitting on my lap). They even made us a pizza!! Forget about it…
In beautiful Streaky Bay we almost had our perfect audience member. Phil (whose son won the freaking Melbourne Cup last year if you don't mind) came up to us after the show and said:
'Boys, I didn't want to come tonight but my wife said “You are coming!" and I just thought it was shit hot, honestly, I'm not blowing smoke up your arse or anything, but I just loved it. I loved it!!!' It was such a cool moment.
Almost as cool as being photographed holding the actual Melbourne Cup for 2016!! Again this was in Streaky Bay, and it was a supremely surreal and awesome occurrence. I certainly never imagined when I was initially penning the play in my underwear in stinking hot Perth I would be holding the Melbourne Cup standing next to two ex-Melbourne Cup winners and my good thespian mate Sam Longley in freezing cold Streaky Bay! Those strange twist and turns of the creative life…
The Port Augusta Institute was a beautiful venue to perform in and I hope the six year old girl in the front row enjoyed the show as much as everyone else did… I intend never to swear that much in front of someone that young again…
The impromptu second round of applause from the true believers in Leigh Creek was also another highlight, as was the underground bakery in the ghost town of Farina.
A long time ago the designers of The Marion Cultural Centre created their venue to suit perfectly our black and red design palette for HorseHead, so thanks for that extreme foresight past Marion designers, and the effort the delightful people in Keith put on for the show was touching and humbling.
We can't thank Country Arts SA enough for providing us with this awesome adventure, and the chance to present a show we are very proud of to a wider and very grateful audience. Special thanks must go to Tammy Hall, who kept us informed, inspired and supported for the entire length of the journey.
It is an experience we will never forget, and we can't wait to get back there.
Talk soon,
Damon Lockwood.

25 Mar 2016

Happy Easter to all and many theatrical returns… which means eating lots of chocolate to distract yourself from being unemployed and broke with no prospects on the horizon… but at least we're all pursuing our passion, right?

The time she does fly, does she not? Life is indeed motion, as the great William Faulkner once said… or wrote… maybe he said it when he was reading it back to himself… life is indeed motion, as the great William Faulkner once thought then wrote then read back to himself.

Perth Fringe 2016 has been and gone, and with it burlesque and sold-out circuses and judgements and awards and drunk Irishmen hassling beautiful female performers just trying to get to their fucking gig, and also with it Lockwood Productions Love and Hate.

A very, very large thank you to all who made the effort to come to the show, and for all your positive feedback. Your attendance was very much appreciated and we hope you had an engaging and exciting time in the audience. We were very proud of the show and the actors were magnificent.

(…including the irrepressible Benj d'Addario who in one rehearsal, assuring me he had his lines down, somehow managed to think I wouldn't spot him peering over Talei Howell-Price's shoulder, who was still holding her script, and reading his lines off her page…)

And on the 19th of March we also performed Bubble Bikes! at the Merredin show which was an absolute cracker! We showered the show with bubbles and joy and later in the day we were able to handle a carpet python, #howcanadaygetmuchbetter.

Now we are gearing up to tackle the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with Lockwood Productions I (honestly) Love You. How truly exciting to be sharing the stage again with the mighty Jimmy James Eaton and brand new stunning mum George Gayler (we're doing this one for you, Daisy). There are only four performances between the 12th to the 16th April at the beautiful National Theatre in St Kilda and we only need to sell out six of them to cover costs… wait a minute…

Thank you so much for reading and here's hoping all is well in your life. Maybe we'll catch you in Melbourne,
Talk soon,

Damon Lockwood

14 Dec 2015


It is with great joy and enthusiasm that we announce the touring and performance schedule for Lockwood Productions in 2016! At this point, if you find yourself in metropolitan Perth or regional Western or Southern Australia next year then Lockwood Productions will be coming to you with exciting remounts and a brand new show.

Crowd and critic favourite HorseHead will be touring to regional South Australia in the first two weeks of July, as well as touring with the heart exploding I (honestly) Love You to Mandurah, Kalgoorlie, Esperance and Geraldton later in the year.

And just recently announced is Lockwood Productions brand New Show Love and Hate, performing at the brand spanking new Perth Fringe Festival venue The Art Gallery of Western Australia’s theatrette. We’re very excited about this world premiere and performing at a virgin venue right in the heart of the brilliant Perth Fringe.

Please click here for full tour details, and so you can book early and not miss out on any Lockwood Productions excellence.

Participating artists include Talei Howell-Price, Barnaby Pollock, Salacia Briggs, Emily Rose Brennan, Sam Longley, Cherie Hewson, George Gayler, Jimmy James Eaton, Christopher Sansoni, Andre van Vulpen, and Benj d’Addario, just to name a few. How’s that for a paragraph chockas full of talent!

In other news, Lockwood Productions Bubble Bikes! appeared at The Little Feet Festival in Joondalup on October 25 th. This time the roving street performance featured the incomparable Mary Soudi, whose pure joy, professionalism and basic ‘lets-get-into-it’ attitude made it one of the best Bubble Bikes! performances ever. If you’re looking for a gal to light up your show, then she is it!

Onwards and upwards! Stay tuned for more updates, pictures news and developments for Lockwood Productions, and here is hoping everyone has a beautiful Christmas and an awesome New Year.

Talk soon,

Damon Lockwood.

1 Sept 2015

Hellooo and welcome to the first ever LP BlogSpace!! 15,000 free tickets to the next Lockwood Productions show if you can guess what LP stands for (NB no guarantee of tickets) (or a venue that size), and BlogSpace in tribute to an industrial strength liquid paper I used once.

This will be a quick update in regard to the exciting events and mad scrambling (NB absolute guarantee of mad scrambling) Lockwood Productions is up to. Also I plan to attach a photo per blog pertaining to some of the incredible people and events Lockwood Productions has been associated with during this ridiculous, stupid and wonderful independent theatre gig.

So briefly…

…on Tuesday 18 th August I was given the opportunity to get up at 3:30 a.m., catch a plane at 5:30 a.m. to Sydney, spend $18.50 (!!!!!!!!) on a train ticket from Sydney Airport to Green Square Station two stops away (again…!!!!!) and then pitch my two plays 'HorseHead' and 'I (honestly) Love You' at APACA 2015. Lockwood Productions was the last pitch of the day and I was very happy with the result. A real highlight was the keynote address on Wednesday morning by 'turn-around King' Michael Kaiser. Basically he said theatre companies should focus on making really exciting theatre – what a freaking freak!

Also hanging out with the Mayor at Sydney Town Hall was a blast – I wish her all the best for her portrait when she retires.

So stay tuned to the weather station for updates on rainfall, and stay tuned here for potential national touring updates… and watch out regional WA in September 2016 because 'HorseHead' and '(honestly)' is heading your way!

Also late in the month I received the awesome news that my play 'Needle in the Haystack' won joint Best Unpublished Script and Second Best Play at The Sunshine Coast Theatre Festival. Christ I love Queenslanders… even if they do say pool like 'puol'… and call King Brown beer bottles 'Tallies'… and made Ipswich… too far?

Enough for now but there is much news ahead and thanks for reading if you did. And a very special thank you to all the inspirational, humble and talented people I have had the ridiculous joy of working with so far – may all your wishes in this ridiculous industry come through.

Now please enjoy a backstage picture from David Greig's 'Midsummer: A Play with Songs' that I directed for Black Swan State Theatre Company in 2013, starring the incomparable Brendan Hansen and George Gayler. We always knew little Elmo had it in him…

Give it hell,
Damon Lockwood.