Damon Lockwood is a playwright, actor and the Artistic Director of Lockwood Productions.

Damon is currently Artist in Residence at Curtin University (Theatre Studies), Hayman Theatre. His show The Perilous Adventures of the Postman will be on at The Blue Room Theatre from 5-9 December.


06/07/2016 09:20

Backstage in the Magistrates Private Chambers for Port Augusta SA HorseHead - all right!! https://t.co/fmvMagz7k9

30/06/2016 05:17

Lockwood and Longley - this is how we prepare for a tour baby, yes! https://t.co/0DPXBBxkCc

29/06/2016 12:50

Watch out regional South Australia, here comes Lockwood Productions HorseHead! A play you can't refuse, and we can't freaking wait!